The committees are dedicated to its member companies and encourage all members to join and be active on the committees.  If you are interested in becoming involved, please complete the form below.

ACEA Regulatory Oversight Committee

Chaired by Peggy Carrasquillo, P.E., KT Civil Solutions and Kyle Smith, Meritage Homes

Goal: Monitor and comment on governmental policy changes

  • Meet quarterly with various municipal and county officials on current affairs (Austin and surrounding communities)
  • Formulate action plans to address proposed municipal and county rules, procedures, and policy changes
  • Develop relationships with key municipal and county decision-makers
  • Work with associations of similar interests
  • Report on activities to board and to the general membership

Community Involvement Committee

Chaired by Dustin Goss, Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.

Co-Chaired by Stan Reece, aci Consulting


  • Build the Association’s profile and membership and develop a forum for members to give back to the community
  • Plan and implement special events supporting ACEA’s goals to include public involvement
  • Administer Scholarship Program
  • Solicit member involvement
  • Report on activities to the Board and to the general membership

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ACEA Central Texas Infrastructure Design and Construction Symposium Committee

Chaired by Tim Weston, P.E., MLA Geotechnical


  • Create the forum for uniting the Central Texas civil design/build community for the purpose of improving our industry
  • Identify session topics and invite moderators and panel members to participate
  • Secure a venue and menu for the expected number of attendees
  • Organize details of cost, registration, session rooms, exhibitors, etc.

Membership Committee

Chaired by Frank Castro, The Nitsche Group


  • Increase membership by recruiting the best contractor, engineer, and associate firms while maintaining existing members
  • Create networking opportunities for recruited firms
  • Educate existing members on issues board and committees are taking on with surrounding cities
  • Work with community involvement committee to create networking opportunities

ACEA Fish Fry Committee

Chaired by Greg Shepperd, Fuquay, Inc.


  • Plan and implement annual Fish Fry Fundraiser
  • Solicit donated items for auction and cash donations
  • Market the event to membership
  • Arrange logistics of event (beverages, facility, etc.)

ACEA Golf Committee

Chaired by David Johnson, Hunter Industries


  • Responsible for planning three golf tournaments a year
  • Organize logistics of events (facilities, volunteers, etc.)
  • Solicit sponsors
  • Market the event to the membership

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