Michael Ehrhardt

July 27, 2020  |  By aceaadmin


Liberty Civil Construction, LLC

Michael Ehrhardt is the President of Liberty Civil Construction, LLC. He has twenty-six years of experience with managing, estimating, and building civil construction projects in and around Central Texas.  He has been involved with the ACEA for the past 12 years and has served on the Symposium Committee, the Regulatory Committee, as well as the Board of Directors for the past ten years, including terms as both Vice President & President of the Board of Directors.  “My primary goal for the ACEA is to strengthen our relationship with the City of Austin, as well as the surrounding municipalities, and ensure that our membership has continued strong representation”.  We need to focus on the core reason that the ACEA was formed in the first place, which is having a united voice with the City as an organization rather than each company on their own.

I would like to see the efforts of the Regulatory Committee continue to grow and move forward as we have made considerable progress over the last few years.  I will also work to encourage the involvement of our Member Companies so their issues and comments are heard and addressed.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve the ACEA Membership for another term.