Hamilton McRae

September 29, 2020  |  By aceaadmin


Hamilton McRae

Ranger Excavating

Hamilton McRae is currently the engineer and geotechnical drilling manager for Ranger Excavating, L.P. – the largest excavating contractor as well as the largest subcontract geotechnical drilling company in the Central Texas area. Hamilton McRae began his professional career working for the Dallas District of the Texas Department of Transportation as a planning engineer.

The opportunity to move to Austin and work for a private civil and structural engineering firm was the ticket out of Dallas and into the Austin area. During this time Mr. McRae joined ACEA for the first time as an employee of an engineering member firm. After completing the engineering licensure process and becoming a licensed civil engineer, Mr. McRae worked as a construction engineer on the State Highway 45 project during the initial phase of Austin’s toll road construction. After completion of the toll road project, a stint as an excavation superintendent for a roadway and paving contractor was the next employment engagement. When given the opportunity to join Ranger Excavating and start a material testing laboratory, the chance to use knowledge from both engineering and contracting seemed like a perfect fit.

Mr. McRae joined ACEA a second time as a contractor member. A professional organization with membership targeting those who design, construct, and administer public infrastructure, is an excellent way to facilitate a productive dialogue between these three parties to improve our civil infrastructure. Mr. McRae’s history with ACEA includes the Fish Fry Committee as well as time with the Regulatory Oversight Committee. Mr. McRae is honored to accept this nomination to the Board and would happily contribute to the organization.